Lease Extensions

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Our team of property personnel are very experienced  in lease extension.  We can lead you through the process, stay in close contact with your Solicitor throughout, provide a comprehensive valuation report and negotiate on your behalf.

If you are the leaseholder, intermediate leaseholder or freeholder, we can help you through the process and act on your behalf to achieve the best results.

A brief guide to how a lease would qualify:

• Ownership exceeds two years.  There is no residency requirement and the flat can be held in a company name.

• The original lease was granted for a term greater than 21 years at a low ground rent.

A solicitor can investigate the complete qualifying criteria.
We can provide you with contact details for specialist solicitors who can assist you in this process.
Please note that the cost of acquiring a lease extension increases when the lease drops below 80 years due to the inclusion of marriage value.
Should you be in a situation where you are considering the purchase of a flat it may still possible to arrange for the existing owner to serve a notice, the benefit of which can be assigned to you prior to completion.
A statutory lease extension claim grants an additional 90 years at a nil ground rent.  You can also deal with a lease extension on a voluntary basis however we would recommend that the statutory route is followed.